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The project opens up a fundamentally new opportunity for tokenization of mortgage, which annual issue volume is estimated at $ 4 trillion. It allows real estate owners to get a stable digital asset – Mortgage Unit (MU) by mortgaging their property.

Mortgage Unit certifies an equal scope of claims on real estate in the mortgage fund, what dramatically increases its liquidity.

Mortgage Unit is analogue of mortgage-backed security.

We have passed a proof-of-concept stage and carried out the world's first test issue of MU tokens, secured by a real mortgage claim.

Mortgage agreement passes the state registration - State Real Estate Cadastre in Russia or its foreign counterpart, what therefore creates a legal nexus between the token and the real estate unit. Then this data is transferred to a smart contract.

Blockchain allows to check the data on mortgaged objects at any time and to make certain of a mortgage securing.

We have put an emphasis on elaboration and legal ground of tokens emission and circulation terms to address possible risks that emerge due to the latest development of ICO and cryptocurrency regulation.

Draft documents that will regulate the project implementation and issue of mortgage tokens are already worked out and adapted to Russian legislation.

Now these documents are under adaptation to international application.

More details in White paper.

MU TOKEN Issuance
Bloquid tokens can be issued on several existing blockchain systems at borrower's option. It can be: Bitshares, Ethereum, NEO, NXT, Waves and other systems.
Token MU features


Token MU is not tied to particular real estate unit but certifies an equal scope of claims on real estate in the mortgage fund, what dramatically increases its liquidity.

Token MU is a stable cryptoasset. Owners of mortgaged property have a contractual obligation to repurchase received tokens: it creates the required level of support for the market rate of the token. Issuance of tokens for new customers increases the level of supply, restraining the unjustified growth of market value.


Blockchain makes it possible at any moment to check the data about mortgaged real estate and real security for mortgage tokens. The formula of tokens issuance is collectively approved by the owners of investment tokens BQT (collective owners of Bloquid)

We have put an emphasis on legal ground and justification of issuance and circulation terms of tokens to address possible risks that emerge due to the latest development of ICO and cryptocurrency regulation.
The amount of tokens that a mortgagor can receive in exchange of mortgage is determined by a formula, which basic parameters are regulated by collective agreement by means of e-voting.

All the mentioned above will serve to lower risks and obtain a stable (less volatile) asset with programmable characteristics that combines three major advantages:
advantages of crypto-currencies
secured by real assets
transparent emission management
and so is able to become a new type of reserve asset.

In exchange for a mortgage, the property owner receives an asset with security level comparable to the assets of the highest class in organized markets - mortgage bonds (AAA).

Thereby raises a conceptually new opportunity to transfer the value from the fiat economy into the digital economy, with minimal expenses and in huge amounts.

Arrival of large amount of secured cryptoassets to the crypto market will lead to significant growth of the crypto market cap.


A real estate owner mortgages the property unit and receives a loan in the form of tokens MU in exchange.

All tokens are equivalent and secured by equal shares of the entire mortgage fund, what dramatically increases their liquidity.
Civil circulation of tokens MU has the form of transferring obligations that emerge out of loan and mortgage agreements.

Under the loan agreement there is a contractual obligation to repurchase received tokens in case of transferring them to a third-party, what is required for the loan redemption. In case of failure to fulfill the contract obligations, a foreclosure on the mortgaged property arises.

Bitshares, Ethereum, NXT, Waves have distributed exchange systems. Thus, issued tokens can be exchanged for several fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies at once and do not require listing.

Eventually, tokens could be exchanged between participants of the system using a service similar to localbitcoins by exchanges in other payment systems or in cash.

Using Tokencard and Blockpay projects it will soon become possible to pay by tokens in stores and restaurants.
Current project status
Ready legal and technological solutions for mortgage tokens emission in Russia (MVP);
Reached agreements with a range of partners on project realization;
Test issuance
we have completed first test issuance of mortgage tokens MU
(Mortgage Units);
December 2016 — June 2017
Work out the legal ground. Development of key documentation, agreements, an Ethereum smart-contact and an oracle
July 2017
The first mortgage-backed tokens MU were issued on Ethereum blockchain
July - September 2017
White paper and collective agreement writing
October — November 2017
Preparation for raising seed investments
November — December 2017
Raising seed investments
Winter 2018
Expert crowdsourcing to develop the formula of token issuance; bounty campaign
ICO (dates will be announced)
Software products development, accessing new jurisdictions
Market launch in Russia, insurance fund generation,
2019 — 2022
Established legal framework, launching the project under foreign jurisdictions, starting the commercial operation stage
Business operation under 70 jurisdictions. Volume of the mortgage fund is $8.7 billion
Dauren Toleukhanov
Investor relations adviser
Vladimir Diakov
Real estate valuation, scoring and risk management adviser
Andrey Zyikov
Taxes adviser
Open data and crowdsourcing adviser
Mikhail Lyamin
Adviser, Capital markets research Analyst
George Zhukov
Legal, strategy, blockchain,
Valentin Kislyy
Legal, blockchain and DLT regulation
Nadezhda Kydryashova
Legal support

Rostislav Vylegzhanin
PR, crowdsourcing
Roman Lvov
Investor relations
Denis Epishev
Legal support
Mihail Tomilov
Andrey Belyaev
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