transforming real estate
liquid digital asset
Tokenization through reverse mortgage
Bloquid allows property owners to turn over their value, in the new form of digital guarantees secured by real estate, without paying the interest rates for using money by tokenization of the real estate through reverse mortgage into the stable crypto asset – Mortgage Unit [MU].

The system for issuance of mortgage units [MU] is governed by the legal collective agreement (IPDAO), based on international intellectual property law.

The system have two tokens:

Bloquid project tokens [BQT] - represents a share of collectively created intellectual property and gives a right to use the system for real estate tokenization, and voting;

Mortgage units [MU] - new form of digital warranty, secured by the mortgage of real estate.

Each MU token certifies an equal scope of the claim rights for the entire mortgage fund formed out of real estate provided by the owners as a collateral of the return of the tokens. Blockchain technology allows you to check each property value, location, assignment. The emission rate of the token will be linked to the price index of real estate.

We have passed a proof-of-concept stage and carried out the world's first test issue of [MU] tokens, secured by a real mortgage claim.

We have put an emphasis on elaboration and legal ground of tokens issuance and circulation terms to address possible risks that emerge due to the latest development of ICO and cryptocurrency regulation.

Draft documents that will regulate the project implementation and issue of mortgage tokens are already worked out and adapted to Russian legislation and now are under adaptation to international application.

More details in White paper.

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MU tokens Issuance
MU tokens could be issued in several blockchain systems: Bitshares, Ethereum, NEO, NXT, Waves, EOS and others.


Token MU is not tied to particular real estate unit but certifies an equal scope of claims on real estate in the mortgage fund, that increases its liquidity.

Token MU is a stable cryptoasset. Owners of mortgaged property have a contractual obligation to repurchase received tokens: it creates the required level of support for the market rate of the token. Issuance of tokens for new customers creates the level of resistance, restraining the unjustified growth of market value.


Blockchain makes it possible at any moment to check the data about mortgaged real estate and real collateral for mortgage tokens.

We have put an emphasis on legal ground and justification of issuance and circulation terms of tokens to address possible risks that emerge due to the latest ICO and cryptocurrency regulation.
Collective governance
The amount of MU tokens that a property owner can receive in exchange of mortgage is determined by a formula, which basic parameters are regulated by the collective agreement by e-voting of the BQT tokens holders.

All the mentioned above will serve to lower risks and obtain a programmable stable digital asset
that combines three major advantages:
advantages of crypto-currencies
secured by real assets
transparent issuance management

Bloquid gives an opportunity for real estate owners to instantly invest in crypto economy without high transaction costs in fiat.

Creates collateralized stable crypto assets that can be used by investors and traders to fix profits without exiting into fiat currencies.

Creates a new market of crypto mortgage — including customers that would never apply for a bank loan against property.

Delivers a fundamentally new opportunity for transfer of value into the digital economy, with minimal expenses in huge amounts.
Increases the capitalization of the crypto market and reduces its volatility.

Provides wide opportunities for impact investing amplification.
Current project status
Legal and technological solutions for issuance of mortgage units is developed (concept)
Test issuance
Test issuance of Mortgage units (proof-of-concept) is completed
Under development. Intellectual property registered
The colleсtive agreement for intellectual property development and future use is signed by authors and participants of the project
BQT Tokens pre-sale
Anatoly Semenov
IP-business ombudsman
Dauren Toleukhanov
Investor relations adviser
Vladimir Diakov
Real estate valuation, scoring and risk management adviser
Andrey Zyikov
Taxes adviser
Open data and crowdsourcing adviser
Mikhail Lyamin
Adviser, Capital markets research Analyst
George Zhukov
Legal, strategy, blockchain,

Valentin Kislyy
Legal, blockchain and DLT regulation
Oleg Sherykhalin
Digital architecture, infrastructure and development planning
Denis Semenov
Chief Valuation Officer
Dmirty Yarmosh
Process management, DSS
Denis Epishev
IP Legal support
Mikhail Tomilov
Andrey Belyaev
Support and administration